European Master's Program in Computational Logic


Frequently Asked Questions about EMCL

Am I eligible?
We ask you to check the study prerequisites and send us your application. Our joint commission will evaluate your application documents and decide on the admission and the grant offer (if any grants are available). We cannot answer questions on the eligibility beforehand.
Do I need to take the TOEFL/IELTS-exams if the education was in English language / if I can present English-proficiency letters issued by the university?
Yes. We usually request (international) TOEFL or IELTS-reports. Sometimes, these reports are also requested by the German embassy/consulat for the visa procedure. But, these reports can also be sent after the application deadline. In this case, any other proof of English knowledge must be uploaded.
What does the Applicant Number on the application form mean?
This number is not to be filled-in by the applicant.
For which term do I apply?
You apply for the forthcoming Winter semester and must complete the relevant year.
How can I prove my knowledge in the areas which are part of the study prerequisites?
If the study results of these subjects are not part of your transcript degree you should send us official confirmation letters issued by your universities. Our joint commission must be provided with information on the study contents and your study results.
Can I apply if I finish my bachelor studies after the deadline?
Yes, you can. You must send us a preliminary certificate, signed and stamped by the home university. This document must give the information when the studies will be finished and the final degree will be issued.
What is the length of the study period?
24 months. It starts from 1 October and ends after two years on 30 September. A grace period of 15 days where students may finish the studies without payment of the tuition fees for the next semester is possible.
What do I need to do if I must extend the study period?
Students are allowed to extend the study period but they must be officially registered in the EMCL program. Consequently, they must pay the tuition and social fees to the TUD at the beginning of the current semester. In addition they must enroll at the hosting institution.
What is the procedure to get the Joint Degree
Students who successfully finished the EMCL program will get a preliminary certificate from the SCIS on request. The issue of the Joint Degree and the Joint Diploma Supplement may take some months and is organised by the SCIS.
What do I need to do after the first year of study?
  • Please contact the next hosting institution for information on the visa procedure, registration, accommodation, timetable etc. on time.
  • Scholarship holders will receive a confirmation letter issued by TUD for the visa application in spring.
  • You must be registered at TUD during the whole time of studies. Therefore, you have to transfer the social fees (reduced amount) and the tuition fees to TUD on time. Students with an Erasmus Mundus scholarship must transfer the social fees, ONLY. The current social fees per semester and bank data are available from the corresponding web pages of TUD.
  • German students must send the completed Beurlaubungsantrag to the Immatrikulationsamt. The application for the ERASMUS scholarship should be prepared on time.
  • Please send us the updated correspondence address as soon as possible.
Is there an alumni association?
Yes, there is the Erasmus Mundus Students and Alumni Association.