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5.11.4 Technische Universität Wien

Student Support

General Support The international office provides several orientation and support programs, including:

  • Welcome letter and welcome guide

  • Orientation session before the semester starts, where detailed information and tips about studying at Vienna UT are provided

  • SoS-Orientation Programm

Financial support
  • There is a scholarship database of the OeAD, some of them can apply to our students:

  • The Kurt Gödel Society can provide financial support to students for special activities, courses, attending summer schools, etc.

The students can apply for different student accommodation alternatives via the OeAD Housing Office
The welcome letter that is sent to all incoming students by the International Office contains instructions for sending the housing application, as well as links and tips to other possible accommodation alternatives.
There is a wide choice of student accommodations in Vienna, and links to student housing alternatives can be found on the webpages of the International Office,
of the Austrian Students' Union,
and the local Students Union

Students have access to discounted meals in the student canteens (called Mensa)

Students of the TUW have free access to the University Library, reachable in a few minutes by foot from all the University buildings. The centralized index of the main library also includes the local libraries of the different institutes, to which the students can request access.

Computer Labs
The students have access to several internet rooms and computer laboratories through the Central Informatics Service (Zentral Informatikdienst, ZID) , which also provides them other services such as wireless internet in all university buildings, email and web accounts, and commercial software at reduced prices.

Special Needs
TUW has strict regulations to ensure that all spaces are accessible to disabled students. There is an institute to provide support and orientation to students with special needs, and to ensure that they have suitable access to studies and study facilities. The students can contact this institute through its webpage:

The Austrian Student association also provides support to students with special needs. They have an orientation booklet that provides all relevant information, including rights to government benefits, mobility and suitable facilities, special services, etc. The booklet is in German, but students can turn to the special office for foreign students if necessary.

Also the Buddy Network TU Wien provides assistance.

Equal Opportunity

The university office for supporting women can be reached via the following Web page:

Spouses and children of the students are also covered by the health insurance, provided that their official residence is in Austria. Starting from fall 2009, nurseries and kindergarten are for free in the city of Vienna. The university has its own kindergarten:

There is a coordination office for supporting women at TUW which, among others, provides orientation for students with children - including child care possibilities:

The Austrian Student association also provides support to students with children, and they have an orientation booklet that provides them all relevant information, including special rights, government benefits, etc. The booklet is in German, but they can refer to the special office for foreign students if needed.

Language Learning
The TUW offers an intensive course and a free semester course of advanced German (students that already have good knowledge of German) The international office organizes a Tandem program:

The sibling University of Vienna has an excellent and fully functioning language institute.

The students are provided with links to several German institutes:

Students at TUW have access to the sport facilities of the Vienna University, where they can enroll for (cheap) courses and activities.

Students Networking
The Buddy Network is indeed a very useful service that our students do use. They assign the students a ''buddy'', a local student that helps them finding their way when they arrive. They organize social activities, parties, trips, etc. They also provide many other useful services (help them to open a bank account, give them a cell phone SIM card, etc.)