European Master's Program in Computational Logic

11 March 2014

Best EMCL Master Thesis Award 2013

Mr Fariz Darari received the price for the best EMCL master thesis 2013 during the EMCL students workshop at TUW in February 2014.

Other candidates were Ms Alina Petrova with her thesis on 'Learning formal definitions for biomedical concepts' and Ms Andrea Busoniu with her thesis on 'On Supporting the Development of Answer-Set Programs using Model-driven Engineering Techniques'.

Title of Mr Darari's master thesis: Completeness Reasoning for Linked Data Queries

Abstract: With the availability of a huge amount of RDF data sources on the Web covering heterogeneous domains, it is increasingly important to provide descriptions of their data quality, which is varied each other. An important dimension of data quality is data completeness, which concerns about how complete an RDF data source is. With this measurement, users can then decide which RDF data sources meet their needs. In this thesis, we propose a completeness reasoning framework for Linked Data queries. We present a formalism to describe the completeness of RDF data sources and show how existing RDF data sources can be described with machine-readable completeness statements. We then investigate the problem of query completeness and study how completeness statements about RDF data sources can infer query completeness. We consider various data settings and query settings for completeness reasoning. Finally, we develop CoRner, a completeness reasoning system based on our completeness reasoning framework.